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Tickets finally came back from the printer and all got mailed. Sent the final big signage pieces off yesterday. Today the programme proof came in, looks amazing. I’m so so pleased with how the gala collateral is coming together. If the vinyl door clings go on, and stay on, smoothly I will be extra nerd happy.

The designer I worked with on it thinks we should submit the series to RGD and Applied Arts competitions. I’ve been thinking of doing that with the annual report as well. Even though I’ll have to print the bloody thing myself. Still, it’s so great to be finally working on pieces I feel geniunely good about.


Help me pass the time

NOW is giving away two tickets (handmade, in the EDC office, because the actual tickets are still being printed) to the gala. You should enter, and then come and check out my signage. Bring a date, the booze is free and plentiful, Stadtländer is cooking, The Sadies are playing, and Sarah Harmer will be there (but not singing, /stern face).

I’m still hemming and hawing about going. It’s amazing if you’re a guest, but if you’re working? Mostly last year I answered people’s questions about the auction items and where the bathrooms were but if you talked to them otherwise they got irritated.

I’m feeling much better about the art direction this year though, it’s all my baby. The designer I’ve been working with is great, and we’ve had a lot of freedom on the project. I’m so excited to photograph all the signage when it’s up at the Drake. I could just design nerd out for hours about all the print collateral.

But I won’t. Because I have to finish filling out my passport papers and contact the printer still about the proofs for the above bar signage. I meant to do it when I got home… But suddenly it’s nearly 9 and all I’ve done tonight is order Chinese and read manga online. I’m pretty sure there are worse things I could be doing?

Gray jay at Algonquin

So my brain is fried. I’m barely functioning. I cracked a God Emperor of Dune: My Own Private Idaho joke.

But even with all that, I still finished all the things. I finished the gala tickets, I organized the signage printing schedule, I reviewed the programme, the Burtynsky print, all the Casson prints. I sent the reports that needed sending, all the eblasts are done, I got quotes on everything from tiki bar banners to vinyl cling, and fueled it all with anger, diet coke, and discount sushi.

I came home, cleaned up the cat stuff, washed the dishes, and now I’m going to escape into the wild for three days and turn feral.

A good thing: Wedding invites, well received. Going to strip them from the board they are mounted on and take some pictures.

Another good thing: Doctors say Herb is slowly but surely getting better.

OMG THREE GOOD THINGS: I am seeing these pop up all over the place, is this a thing now? If grilled cheese restaurants and pulled pork poutine get popular, I will be so happy and fat.

said by some to be the ghost

In the past a ‘just do it’ attitude has served me pretty well. Don’t want to clean/work/file forms/visit family? Doesn’t matter. Just do it. Get it over with, it’ll be done, you’ll feel better, pep talk pep talk. But this time I feel myself burning out. The gala is less than a month away, Herb and mom are going to be in the hospital for weeks yet, and the to do list at home has long passed daunting and is well into terrifying.

I know I need to step back from something, stop something, but which thing? And do what? Fix it how? I’m stumped and want someone else to make my big girl decisions for me. If they could deal with the consequences too, that’d be super.

To end on a positive note: Long weekend, woo and hoo!

butchered honeycomb

So. Past six months:

  1. Gala site launched. The event is in a month, everyone is going nuts.
  2. Annual report finally, finally went live. Hasn’t been printed yet though. This fills me with much sadness.
  3. Wedding invites designed for not me, I plan on photographing the crap out of them and prowling for more wedding invite projects. Fun times, guaranteed printing.
  4. I turned 29. Oreo cheesecake cupcakes went over well. I’m basically just a mom with no kid now, aimlessly baking for people, wearing aprons, thinking up craft projects etc.


With any luck, next six months:

  1. Used half my tax return to buy art supplies so I can start writing and drawing more in my spare time. There are nowhere near enough opportunities to draw robots and mermaids at work.
  2. I’ll finally put up curtains in my bedroom? Good god. I’ve been here for like two years.
  3. Speaking of which, I’m getting kind of tired of Toronto. Does everyone feel this way eventually, or only the people who can’t afford a house here? I really want a yard. I want to garden. I want to be, occasionally, unforgivably loud.
  4. I also want to go camping. A lot. Every weekend from now till November.
  5. My mom hinted at online dating. Once. That will not be happening in the next six months, or hopefully ever.


It’s good to have goals. Goals and candy.

Preach it, bird.

It’s most definitely a side-effect from growing up on videogames (more specifically, lots and lots of RPGs), but every now and again it hits me that you can’t save your life progress, and hit reset, and try something different. It’s not that you wouldn’t live with the consequences of your actions, you’d just get to see what they’ll be ahead of time and pick the ones you can live with best. I’m not saying this would be a good thing, I tend to restart games 3/4 of the way in because I think of things I’d rather change. I’d probably still be resetting my way through high school. That said, it would be nice every now and then to have a faq or some cheats for living.

The Christmas tree is up at Jane and Bloor. I love this tree, and could forgive the fact it was up before November was even kinda over, but tonight they were blasting carols out of speakers set up behind it. Hard not to roll your eyes listening to songs about sleigh rides with the leaves still on the trees. Last night it was just sparkly and quiet in the background while I lugged home some groceries. I think it will be at its very best when I’m coming home on December 16th for two weeks of sweet sweet winter vacation.

I had all these plans for the break that are moot now and I’m going to miss them (reset), but I’m still really looking forward to enjoying the season in a more leisurely way. The past few years have been so busy with work, I was back-up for the whole team the entire time I was with HP, so it’s going to be nice to be able to do all the baking and decorating and cheesy Christmas stuff I love.

Four and a half more weeks to go!

Additionally on the things of utterly random stuff I miss list: having Molly sleep on my feet while I make shepherd’s pie.

Currently working on:
Creating a space for my rose-geranium desk
Organizing the area around my drawing desk
Decluttering in general

From the annual report I'm working on.

I’ve been trying to craft a post for the past little while, and instead just end up with random snippets:

  1. It’s strange the things you miss. I’ll be going along fine, and then think “We won’t kiss on New Year’s Eve.” or “I’ll never get tackled by his jerkdog again.” and it just makes my chest hurt. Does this get easier or harder with experience?
  2. “It is easy to see the beginnings of things, and harder to see the ends.”
  3. I’ve been baking like crazy lately, with absolutely no hope of eating it all. The good news is I’ll be on my A game for winter party baking times, the bad news consists of either an overflowing freezer or waistline.
  4. Picked up some beautiful Northern Spies from a market in Cobourg near my mom’s new place. They make the best freaking pies ever, and I’m hoping the magic is in the apples from their orchard.

    Herb and mom gifted me with an old-timey writing desk we found while checking out some of the localish Cobourg antique places. It is really beautiful and by far the classiest and nicest thing in my apartment (sorry Wiggy). It looks a little like this one.

  5. This is a lot more draining than I thought it would be.

Currently working on:
Polishing said antique desk
Figuring out winter plans
Being not-mopey

He's a trooper! got a wee update. New work added, everything cleaned up a little bit. I’ve intentions of adding some more decorative details later on, but that is neither here nor there.

I went to Montreal last weekend to nurse my aching heart with many cheeses and also gelato. It mostly worked. At least I find myself more tolerable. I’m going camping over Thanksgiving weekend, and am going to pay some nice people to come and scoop Wiggy’s poop and take his abuse. I picked up some more Raymond Chandler books from the store, got my hair cut, lost five pounds, and the weather out is beautiful. At this rate I will be painfully cheerful by the time Meat Rainbow rolls around, nevermind my birthday.

I had this idea to create a bunch of moo mini bookmarks from my favourite books quotes* and matching card/stationery sets. Get ready for some nerdy-ass birthday grab bags come January!

*”Erotic as a stallion.” is totally making its way on there. Thanks, Marlowe!

Currently working on:
Painting and painting
Sad and neglected freelance projects


At least, not for me.

I would be living the stereotype right now, but all I have in my freezer are frozen peas and mangoes and neither of those can take the place of break-up-tub-of-ice-cream.

I did not think things would end this way. I did not think things would end.

All of the butterflies at the conservatory were with feeding or mating.

Jon blogs better than I do. He crafts posts ahead of time, mulls them over, edits them. I should probably start doing those things to, but my To Do List is starting to haunt my dreams.

Evidence: Last night while dreaming of a zompocalypse, the logo and site mockups I’m working on that are (really) overdue popped up on a suddenly-working laptop in the cabin I was huddling in for warmth. Weak! Trying to fight off zombie hordes here, To Do List!

Things have been so crazy lately, I just want to curl up and hide in the banal and easy. Rearranging video game stuff? Approached with unwholesome enthusiasm. Work on setting up finances for freelancing? Suddenly reading the whole House of M run is super important. I have managed to tick a few things off the list though. I’m excited about the birthday gift I’ve got for Jon. As much as I love gifting baked goods, it’s nice to be able to do something more. That’s one of the things that used to get me down about being so broke at WLU. Then again, with my then-terrible taste in guys and hot mess (now-mortifying) ways of expressing interest, I don’t think the end results would have been so great.

Herb will be leaving the hospital in a few days, and the move to Cobourg went smoothly enough, all things considered. I learned a lesson about how strong denial can be. A week ago, waiting in the ICU, I needed to constantly remind myself about the reality of the situation. Your brain screams for any other thing to be true. And now that a happier thing is true, I’m trying to force myself to look at how things realistically can be, rather than assuming it will go back to the way it was. Basically (selfishly) I just want the people I’ve known and cared for (even if we don’t talk or see each other anymore) to be off having a good life, with someone they love, healthy and happy. So… get on that, people I knew/know. I will try my best to do the same.

Things that have happened since I last posted in March:

  1. Put up curtains in my livingroom. (Totally not wearing pants right now. Aw yea, curtains.)
  2. Hired full-time at Earth Day. Now have dental benefits, cash money, vacation days.
  3. Earth Day Gala 2011 went over well. I’m thinking I should take a picture of some of the swag I made and put it online.
  4. Ruined!
  5. Volleyballed.
  6. Tree trekked.
  7. Got a bike. Mom and Herb had a few extras in their garage. So when it gets a little cooler out, I am going to take this one down to Brown’s for a tune-up, grab a helmet, and ride ride ride.

Well, I’ve got 2/3s of a day of mini-vacation left. Time to do something useful like watch yesterday’s True Blood finish shredding old bank statements and get to work on freelance projects.

Currently working on:
a couple freelance gigs
massive (and late) spring cleaning
minor updates to
minor updates to resume


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